Wood Pellets

Wood & Sons 1 ton pallet $349 cash/check 

Lignetics of Maine 1 ton pallet $319 cash/check

Lignetics of Maine 1.5 ton pallet (limited supply) 1.5x299=$448 cash/check

Energex 1 ton pallet $349 cash/check

Lacrete $399 per ton x 1.2 ton pallet (60 bags) =$472 cash/check

NW Supreme Douglas Fir 1 ton pallet $529.00 cash/check

HJ Crabbe 1 ton pallet $309.00 cash/check

Maine Woods 1 ton pallet $329.00 cash/check

LG 1.5 ton pallet 1.5x339=$508 cash/check

LG 1 ton pallet $339 cash/check

LG Super call for pricing 

Logik-e call for pricing

New England call for pricing

Ambiance 1 ton pallet 100% hardwood $359 (NEW Product) cash/check

Cubex 1 ton pallet 100% hardwood $369 cash/check

Bio Products

Fiber Fuels  (84 sleeves, 2016lbs. pallet) $349 cash/check

Envi-8 (96 plastic sleeves, 6 blocks/sleeve,2000 lbs. pallet) $349 cash/check

X-blox (96 sleeves, 6 bricks/sleeve,2016 lbs. pallet) $359 cash/check

North Idaho Energy Log (240 logs, pallet) $569 cash/check

We carry several different manufacturers of wood pellets and other compressed wood products. We try to keep our price list as up to date as possible; however prices are subject to change without notice and at our discretion. Prices are listed as regular price followed by *cash or check discount price.